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House your books in this shelf library Sunglasses

Le 27 March 2014, 03:38 dans Humeurs 0

Sunglasses Library Shelf 3

Sunglasses Library Shelf 2

Library Shelf 3 Sunglasses 

Sunglasses Library Shelf 2 

The library sunglasses shelf is basically exactly what it sounds like - a bookshelf, in the form of ray ban glasses frames sunglasses! This unit Cool Blue has two doors opening, with several internal shelves inside for storage multipurpose. 

The cool sunglasses library shelf can also double as a table centerpiece for conversation and evil. This Ray-Ban Aviator-inspired furniture is designer glasses online ideal for those who like funky furniture and likes to play with the space!

Sunglasses Library Shelf 5

Sunglass Hut Ray Ban Interchangeable lance Official Love has a different look and change your look ?

Le 26 March 2014, 03:27 dans Humeurs 0

Sunglass Hut Ray Ban Interchangeable lance Official Love has a different look and change your look ? Well , so does Ray Ban, and this is because the glasses recently launched that can change your look with a wide range of objectives. Their so-called " flip out " and is sure to make any fashion-conscious enthusiasts to get a pair for this summer season. The Flip Outs will be available in Aviator style and Caravan ( as we all know has become popular to rayban wayfarer see Tom Cruise and Julia Roberts) and each pair comes in a kit with three sets of easily interchangeable lenses are available in three different colors , namely gold , black and gunmetal . L ' , mirrored gradient and polarized lenses offer UV protection and the other designer glasses online shades fight glare in all light conditions - perfect for the summer in South Africa. Lens easily switch the picture and lenses separate cases provided for storage of your parts . Flip Outs offers all Ray Ban fan the chance to wear Ray Ban proud every day, but also looks different every time !

Ray- Ban Wayfarer

Le 25 March 2014, 03:21 dans Humeurs 0

I'm addicted to sunglasses, because I like to change often , and because I always lose or break them. A nice pair of sunglasses without a doubt my rainy day.

One of my favorite models are Wayferer by Ray -Ban, not only for its elegant appearance and sober, but for its history as well. This pair of glasses has been around since the 50s , it stops at the beginning of the 80s, was rescued by appearing in more than 60 films and shows later that decade , is another drop in the 90s , it was redesigned in 2000 and we are back in the limelight ever since.

That's a lot for a pair of sunglasses to go through , fake ray bans but I know that my sunglasses are much more than a shield against harmful UV rays or a perfect accessory for an ensemble très chic - are emotional and deep and needs every ounce of my love, I obviously am going to give the two of them on my last day on this earth.

The best thing about the trip is that they are versatile. I can slap those babies on my bare cup to hide the bags under my eyes when I do not want to see people or to bring out my inner Anna Wintour at Fashion Week with the classic design cheap ray bans glued to my nose as I sit in the front row with an indifferent ( ha jokes would never wear my sunglasses indoors or at night, for that matter , and I 'll spare you my rant about what I think of this spoof of the fashion world , but i want to share a fact random : Did you know that Corey Hart bar Ray-Ban Wayfareres in his " Sunglasses at Night " video ? )

I had my nice pair of classic black Ray- Ban has Wayferer - check them out because they have some seriously awesome deals going on every day!

Finally , as I was finishing writing this my boyfriend Michael asked what I was doing , so I read the article to him. He asked what kind of glasses were so I showed him the picture above , and he responded with : " Ah, so the basic ones ." I admit that I laughed like fashion that is out of fashion , and how a simple pair of sunglasses has a complex history . Maybe Michael comment has a basic message - sometimes less is more.

I just watched this whole video , and now I feel as if I have to go in an episode of "Video on Trial" .

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